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Example: calibration against zero-air. Curve was built with a dosing device GA-7300 testing analyzer Gardis-7. The red points are a primary standard- manual syringe injections, blue points are generated by dosing device. Total number of points n=30.

We are proud to offer our super-portable mercury calibration device GA-7300, a very lightweight and handy instrument, yet durable and reliable.

Quantities from a couple of picograms up to hundreds of picograms (which, depending of sampling parameters, is typically equivalent from a couple ng/m3 to hundreds of ng/m3 Hg concentration) can be precisely reproduced, thus easily covering all range needed for atmospheric monitoring. Higher output ranges can be offered at a customer’s request.

Calibration with a standard – addition method or calibration against the zero-air, or just supplying zero-air itself from the dose device to the analyzer can be selected.