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Ultra trace Portable Gaseous Mercury Analyzer Gardis-7

Ultra trace Portable Gaseous Mercury Analyzer Gardis-7 is an instrument featuring a superior detection limit of 0.5 pg Hg (triple sigma, in the terms of mass), or 0.1 ng/m3 Hg, in terms of concentration.

With its small dimensions and weight of only 7 kg, it is possibly the handiest product in the ultra-trace sensitivity class on the market.

Complies to the standard EN 15852:2010.

Dosing device model GA-7300

Dosing device model GA-7300 is even smaller instrument that provides a precision calibration source for the mercury analyzer. Basic version reproduces doses from a couple picograms to hundreds of picograms Hg, which is ideal for the atmospheric bacground monitoring. Calibration can be performed against zero-air or with a standard- addition method.

All equipment can be fed from 12 VDC (directly) or from 110 / 220 VAC via a power adapter (included)


  • Indoor / outdoor pollution source tracking by bringing the analyzer by hand or by placing the equipment in a car, in a boat, or any other convenient mobile platform, to screen ambient mercury on your way.
  • Atmospheric air quality studies at EPA stations or using weather-proof enclosures.
  • Detecting traces of mercury with different experimental setups: flux chambers, field traps. Probing interstitial air in the snow, in the soil, etc.
  • Analyzing liquid samples for mercury (oxidized water samples, digested biota and other). Accessories for semi- automated analysis of liquids are available.